Air Transportation

This Event Never Disappoints

Washington DC Annual Fly-In

Next month, May 15-16, KBT members will travel to Washington DC for our annual Fly In event. We have been hosting this event for over 35 years.

This annual event never disappoints!

KBT members will meet our Congressional delegation to discuss our need for a long-term, sustainable transportation funding for all transportation modes.

For instance, we educate members of Congress on how their actions impact our state. For example, without a long term, sustainable surface transportation bill – funding for projects and for public transit becomes less certain. We also go to thank our delegation for their help with fully funding the FAA. We thank them from their help with the INFRA Grants our state has been awarded.

These meetings also provided an opportunity for our members of Congress to educate us.

If you are not attending this year’s Fly In, we encourage you to contact your member of Congress before our group arrives and thank them in advance for taking the time to meet with KBT. Please encourage them to continue to work for all modes of transportation.