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Spring Forward


Spring Forward

This Sunday at 2 am we will Spring Forward.

“We’ll set our clocks forward one hour, and the change will push sunsets later into the evening hours and sunrises later into the morning hours. The cost is that “springing forward” will temporarily disrupt the sleep of millions of Americans.” via Vox.

Our clocks aren’t the only thing springing forward; Kentucky’s 2019 Legislation session continues to spring forward as well.

This past Tuesday, House Bill 517 (HB 517) was discussed in the House Appropriations & Revenue Committee. The committee heard from bill sponsor Rep. Sal Santoro, individuals representing businesses, counties, and cities.

KYTC’s Secretary Greg Thomas also provided testimony.  Sec. Thomas reiterating that our transportation funding needs are dire, also stated, “When you look at it from a safety perspective, it becomes pretty personal to all of us who have loved ones traveling the highways.”

According to statistics from IIHS|HDLI, Kentucky is 5th in the nation in fatalities based on rates per capita and per vehicle miles traveled. Out of the $7.8 billion in unfunded priority projects in Kentucky’s 6 year plan, $2 billion relate to safety needs. 

The cost of springing forward without the passage of HB-517 means that counties from Adair to Woodford, from Fulton to Pike, from Campbell to Allen and every other county in between may have to wait for funding to address their projects relating to safety. 

In KBT’s opinion, by springing forward without the passage of HB 517, we are facing a higher cost than disrupted sleep.