Michael King

Director, Office of Advanced Planning and Sustainability-Louisville Metro Government

Michael King is a city planner and currently serves as the Director of Advanced Planning and Sustainability for Louisville Forward, a division of Louisville Metro Government.  Michael is a lifelong Louisvillian that brings a holistic approach to urban planning and design with a focus on people and the environment. 

Through his work with Metro Government, Michael works to carry out strategic, long- and short-term planning initiatives focused on neighborhoods, multimodal corridors, brownfields, sustainability and public art. He specializes in collaborating closely with the community as well as cross-departmentally in planning for future growth and development of Louisville. Since receiving his Master of Urban Planning Degree from the University of Louisville, Michael has worked for over 16 years in various capacities in Louisville Metro Government. His multifaceted skill set has allowed him to integrate a holistic planning approach into numerous projects throughout the city.