Brian Wright

President/CEO- Owensboro Riverport Authority

Brian Wright is President/CEO of the Owensboro Riverport Authority.    He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Business Administration.  Prior to joining the Owensboro Riverport Authority in 2013, Brian spent over 20 years in global manufacturing working in the areas of Operations, Forecasting, Six Sigma Project Management and Supply Chain Management.  Brian oversees the operations of the Owensboro Riverport Authority which includes the handling of over 1.2 million tons of freight per year and 7 million dollars in capital projects annually.  Brian is the current chair of the Kentucky Water Transportation Advisory Board and the Kentucky Association of Riverports.  In addition, Brian serves as the Vic-Chair of the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation and Treasurer of the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce. In 2017, Brian was appointed by the Unite States Maritime Administration to serve on the Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee (MTSNAC) and reappointed to serve an additional 2 year term 2019.  Brian resides in Owensboro with his wife Tina and three daughters.