Aaron Huttig

Managing Director- Huttig’s Engineering and Project Management

Aaron comes from the state of Victoria in Australia. Having been born in the northwest, he has moved around for work including a number of years in the state capital of Melbourne including where he obtained his BE Civil (honours) from Victoria University.

Aaron has over 15 years working for state and local government authorities specialising in asset, development and transport engineering. He has worked at some of Victoria’s largest and smallest local government authorities developing and implementing regional transport plans and creating new ways of doing business to assist the transport industry.

Most recently, Aaron and his Kentuckian wife, moved to the city of Warrnambool at the end of Australia’s most preeminent tourist attractions – the Great Ocean Road and has started up his own consultancy.

Aaron attributes his ability to challenge industry norms and conventions to his volunteer first responder work with the Country Fire Authority, where principles based learning and mission command allow for creative and quick thinking to get the results needed.